With the wave of industry 4.0 already knocking on our doors, we at Maslow have decided to introduce trusted and proven technological tools to the marketplace. For over two years, we have refined further our tools to bring you an enhanced and improved version of the former systems. Companies that have embarked on these systems not only become more organized, but also have shown higher retention rates as well as improved employee engagement levels.

We Specialize in:

An Employee Engagement Survey gives employees a platform to express themselves. A generic survey with raw data is nothing if not processed into information. Through Maslow’s Employee Engagement Survey, we positioned ourselves to customize the survey based on the needs of your company’s employees. We figured this out through our 4D methodology, that with 100% customization coupled with the enablement of the design thinking approach, we at Maslow are able to assist you on zooming into laser focus on the key issues causing disengagement in your firm. It has been proven time and time again that a company that takes good care of their employees can ensure that they have a higher retention rates that would let them keep their skilled employees in the company.


Mastering the System in Selling during tough times like a PRO.
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Being Human Resources experts, we acknowledge the importance of a company to train and upskill their employees. This is not a measure just to sustain in the current marketplace, but to grow the company as a whole. Therefore, our Learning Management System is there to cater for any organization be it big or small, anything is possible with a well-equipped Learning Management System.



A Human Resource system is vital for a company to do properly manpower planning and ensure that the resources are being utilised efficiently and effectively. Maslow has a strategic partner that is very well-versed in the Human Resource system industry and have several big brands under their belt. Our Human Resource system can comprise of modules but not limited to Employee On-boarding, Employee Directory, Time-off Manager, Timesheet, Organization Helpdesk, Asset Management, Expense Reimbursement, Payroll Management, Document Management and Resource Booking.


Managing employees’ health benefits can be a tricky thing in a small organization, let alone a big organization. The amount of manual work a Human Resource Executive has to key in can be spent elsewhere in more rewarding roles. With Healthmetrics, a company can see the exact breakdown a clinic charges whilst still maintaining the patient-doctor privacy. HealthMetrics manages your entire team’s health benefits in a single platform without a single entry onto Excel, type an email or even touch a single receipt.

Health Metrics