Do you have problems with your employees that you can't solve on your own?

Maslow is one of the leading providers of HR/IR Consultancy and Best Business Practices Solutions in Malaysia. Our solutions help businesses and organizations to embrace the best practices in various aspects, work standardization and documentation to ensure our customers reach and realize the full potential of their talent, minimize risk and enhance and business opportunities.

Our Consultancy approach & solutions are designed with an objective to deliver long-term results that will be reflected in improved performance, productivity & overall profitability of our clientele. Over the past 21 years, we have served industry leaders across all verticals & have designed our consulting strategies and resources serving the business interests of our clients the best possible way at all times.

We Specialize in:

The power to understand how and where work is done:

  • End to End Performance Management System
  • Workload Measurement & restructuring (Job analysis & evaluation)
  • Job Family Development
Drive Altitude

The power to know the value of work and how it links to business performance:

  • Salary Benchmarking
  • Compensation & Benefits Benchmarking
  • Reward Structure

The power to create roles that unlock the potential of your people

  • Succession Planning
  • Career Path Development
  • Assessment / Selection
  • Hi-Po Programs

The power to align your roles / structure to deliver your business strategy:

  • Vision, Mission, Core Values
  • 5 years Business Roadmap
  • Employee Engagement Survey & Diagnosis
  • Culture Transformation