Affin Bank

Affin Bank

“Thank you for the outstanding Sales Eagle Program that you have provided over the last few months. You are a key ingredient in the development of our sales team that drives our continued growth and expansion. The training was not only memorable but something that can be implemented for immediate results”

Bank Rakyat

“The programs conducted have contributed great impact to our people competencies and most importantly boost up their motivation level, critical thinking skills and high spirit of teamwork towards achieving our organizational goals. It is indeed a pleasant and incredible experience to have Maslow as our partner”

Construction Development Corporation Limited, Bhutan

“The Drive Altitude and Horenso trainings conducted were a resounding success. You have been successful in transforming few of the participants that we have failed to do for so many years. We are witnessing a marked change in the interaction and communication happening within the organization after the training thanks to you”


“Thank you for your guidance, encouragements and the eye-opening examples that inspires us as a team. Kudos to Maslow for coming up with such inspiring programme. You sure are Walking the Talk. I just wish the rest of other people could realise then potential of this program like we all do


“Your presentation, ideas, responsiveness and implementation have been far beyond industry norms and our expectations. We at Northport are very delighted with your outstanding art of communication solution and culture HORENSO which has impacted our organization tremendously and the feedback we received from our all training sessions was terrific”


“The track records showed that training which had been provided have developed and generated changes among the supervisors in our company in terms of working attitude, crisis mind and technology transfer. We truly appreciate the dedication shown and would like to thank you for the service and support rendered”


“Maslow’s highly customized training programs combined with their profound knowledge and understanding of human development capital has delivered exceptional result in enhancing the communication and facilitating effective teamwork throughout the organization. Adopting the best training practices and programs delivered by Maslow has been of great strategic and tactical value in enhancing our daily operations”


“The training division at Maslow has been of incredible support to Tune Talk, their detailed attention to our needs and receptive attitude has received high appreciation in our books of records. It is gratifying to have Maslow at our side contributing to our objective of developing and enhancing Tune Talk personnel”

Thriven Global Berhad

“This Employee Engagement Survey is a single platform that could provide valuable insights into the factors preventing employees from performing at their best. By identifying these barriers to perform, it provides engagement initiatives to engage employees and tackle performance issues at the root cause. From the responses, we could define various groups of employees from Star Employees to the Disengaged Employees. It helps to understand the attitudes and characteristics of employees in each of the groups. At the end of the survey, we were provided with Executive Summary, 8 Element Analysis, Statistics Insights, Hot Zone Summary, Prescribed Engagement Initiatives, etc. which is very helpful for us to implement our next course of action.”

Setia Haruman Sdn Bhd

“The Engagement Central is an excellent platform for our team members to voice out their concerns. It is a fully customizable system that allows us to customize the survey to our requirements. It provides us with an informative analysis and evaluation of the responses thus enabling us to respond further on our team members expectations. It is a friendly system suitable for all levels of team members. Maslow’s team were responsive and efficient in working with us during the period of the survey.”

SNC Industrial Laminates Sdn. Bhd

“Maslow is the perfect firm for us to turn to solve our business dilemmas through their vast knowledge base relating to business operational excellence which has helped us in managing our pains. They are also well versed in the labour laws in Malaysia and have been effective in providing us with actionable solutions to deal with our union management conundrums.”

Onkyo Asia Electronics Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

“We believe in a fostering a holistic partnership with our service providers and collaborators. Maslow has provided us with qualitied solutions that helped our people become more efficient in their daily work routine. Maslow’s work performance as well as service delivery quality have made them our number one choice”

ZF Chassis Systems Sdn. Bhd.

“Maslow Trainers and Consultants was able to bring to us international best practices with strong business and pragmatic local knowledge which will assist any and all organizations in introducing innovative approaches to Human Resource Management Strategies. Their team offers substantial strategic value that is critical for growth and organizational development.”

National Health Insurance Fund,Tanzania

Having ran training programs with Maslow was one of the best experiences we ever had. Maslow's trainers were professional and knowledgeable and were able to satisfy all our training needs. Their programs were not only fully-customizable but were well delivered and of high standard


The Business Advisory division has been able to facilitate our investment within Malaysia very effectively – their solutions have allowed us significant tax savings for our R&D activities


"Maslow’s Business Advisory division has been able to efficiently and effectively provide top quality solutions in a timely manner which have resulted in significant cost savings for me and my company"