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Maslow’s Business Advisory Division works closely with an affiliated company within the group, SK International (M) Sdn Bhd, to promote and facilitate the Advisory Services related to the influx of Foreign Direct Investment into Malaysia.

SK International, popularly known as SKI currently has more than 50 Foreign Direct Investment portfolios under its belt and specialises in providing Pre-Investment and Post-Investment solutions for foreign direct investors in Malaysia by providing unique, innovative, economical and actionable solutions to ensure effective acquisition and allocation of resources in a timely fashion.

SKI provides a myriad number of services and solutions within the area of corporate advisory, business tactical consultancy and government advisory. Over the last 2 decades, we have developed strong relationships and built resilient networks with various federal and state government related agencies such as MIDA, MITI, State Investment Centre, Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Home Affairs.

To date, SKI has brought in upwards of USD $4.5 Billion and created an additional 26,000 jobs in a multitude of companies and industries such as manufacturing, hospitality, FCMG and banking, in and around Malaysia. SKI has provided advisory services to leading market players from Japan, Europe, USA and more recently, China.

We strive to provide holistic solutions to our clients to ensure expedient achievement of strategic business objectives by forming a strategic partnership and utilising our market leading information source platform to facilitate timely and successful investments across all sectors and businesses, allowing us to become your One-Stop Solution for Investment and Re-investment Programs.

One-Stop Solution for Investment and Reinvestment Programs in Malaysia